Pays de Forcalquier

the town
holiday home

Notre Dame de Lure
Founded in 1165 on the Montagne de Lure South side,
an important place of pilgrimage in a splendid area.
The Notre Dame de Lure's friends association

The Abbey at its very beginning
The Abbey at its very beginning
The choir

Cross-section and plan
Cross-section and plan

The Chalais order
"In the sobriety of Lure, there is a spiritual wish for austerity, poverty, purity and above all a complete obedience to a common rule, the Chalais rule."

The Notre Dame de Lure's Friends Association

Every summer, the restoration work team

 gives you a warm wellcome.

L'association Notre Dame de Lure
C O N T  A C T
Association des Amis de Notre Dame de Lure
M. Yves Moulin, Président
tel: 33 (0)4 92 73 13 97

access by D 113 from St Etienne les Orgues (see map)
Tourism office  St Etienne les Orgues, tel: 33 (0)4 92 73 02 57