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    The Our Lady of Bourguet Church assembles a 12th century nave, an end of 13th span of choir, a 14th bell-tower and and another 17th one. The presbytery place gives access to the Cordeliers street which crosses the old Jewish area and skirts the synaguogue. The Cordeliers convent whose the medieval parts were restored dates back to the 12th and 14th.
    In summer the very beautiful historical organ and famous interpreters attract a wide audience during the concerts in the church. Note the subscription for its restoration in progress.


The St Michel fountain
From the church one can go up to the Place St Michel and admire its splendid fountain (1551). From there while passing by the Collège street which presents nice hotels and bourgeois houses (15th and 17th centuries)one climb up to the citadel which culminates right at the top of the hill. Behind its 12th century tower which belonged to the bishop, there are vestiges of the Ste Marie Church. On the platform, the Notre Dame de Provence chapel goes back to 1875 and is in a neo-Byzantine style. The gardens district contains the ruins of the St Jean chapel. A chime sounds every Sunday at midday in summer and on the occasion of celebrations and festivals.

To see and to visit

The Notre Dame du Bourguet Cathedral
  The municipal museum: old furniture, costumes from Haute Provence, Romain archeology, earthenware, fossils... (upper floor of the Cloître des Visitandines, tel: 04 92 70 91 00)
The convent with cloister "les Visitandines" (17th century).
The ND de Provence Citadel (1875) and its manual shime.  Splendid panorama .
St Mari, vestiges of the former cathedral, beginning 13th.
St Jean Church. At the end of 13th replaced a previous building. Modified in the 15th.
Les Récollets, settled in 1627 in the St Pierre Church, converted into jail in 1851.
Le St Pierre Bell Tower, built in 1859.
The Temple, end 16th.
The La Charité Chapel, 17th.
Place du Palais, present Palais de Justice, façade back to 1842.
The St Michel fountain, 1512, with its surprising sculpted scenes.
The Synagogue (in Forcalquier was an important jewish community in the Middle-Ages).
The Cordeliers Gate, 14th, the only relic of the six gates of the town.
The Fransiscan convent", 13th, modified during 17th and 19th. Cloister, conventual rooms, terrace and remains of the church. Tel: 04 92 75 02 38.
The listed cemetery, goes back to 1835, remarkable for its yews with leaves trimmes into  arcades.
The viaduct, 1883, Roman and Occitan inscriptions.
The Good Fountain, medieval fountains and wash houses on an ancient area.
The St Pancrare Chapel, Patron Saint of the town, 17th, oratory.
The St Marc Chapel, 16th, modified in 17th, restored in 1994.
Les Mourres, at the North of the town, limestones landscapes marly based.
Curiousity On suday around noon at the citadel one can enjoy the only manual shime in Provence "concert" (Notre Dame de Provence Chapel).
The market: Nowadays every monday morning, a coloured and lively market which extends from the Place du Bourguet to the Place St Michel gives a vitality to the town which radiates all over the area. Weekly meet between producors, craftsmen and local people... Absolutely to see !

Further information
Office du Tourisme du Pays de Forcalquier
15 place du Bourguet
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tel: 33 (0)4 92 75 10 02/fax: 33 (0)4 92 75 26 76